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    • While I like the 'I Bike Hamilton' t-shirts, and my partner has one, ICH does not make or sell them. Downtown Bike Hounds is responsible for them. Down the road, however, ICH may come up with some shirts of its own.

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    Photographs and Graphics

      Please e-mail photographs of cycling in Hamilton to ICycleHamiltonATgmailDOTcom. Style over speed is the motto, but don't fret too much over the definition of style. Are you comfortably dressed, happy on your bicycle, and going where you want to go (obeying the rules of the road, of course)? Then you have style and I want to show you off!
      If you see yourself on this site and are unhappy about that, though I only mean to showcase your loveliness (and your bike's), e-mail me and your photo will be removed.
      All photographs and graphics on this site, unless specifically credited to another party, are my own. If you see an image or graphic you like, I am happy to share if asked and credited. Copyright remains my own.

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